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Gift Planning Services

Over the past several years, the North Wisconsin District has partnered with Gift Planning Services LLC (GPS) to provide key donors with an estate planning program. Through this program, donors learn how to better understand and steward their assets, setting in motion more tax-efficient gifts to their loved ones, plus more substantial gifts to their churches, North WI District, and the LCMS. 

  • 20 years in partnership between GPS/NWD
  • 75% of NWD churches have benefitted from the partnership
  • Current and future gifts to NWD and its ministries = $36.5+ million 

The NWD has set aside funds to make the GPS program available to more churches, offsetting the up-front cost of the program. Through this innovative partnership, donors will maximize their dollars and make a greater charitable impact than they ever dreamed possible, while churches will solidify their fundraising processes and gain significant support they’ll realize over years to come. 

We are now accepting applications for churches to be a part of this partnership, with 9 churches selected to participate over the next four years. 

Your donors and members entrust you to make a difference they can’t make on their own...and our world needs the Gospel more than ever. Help your members create a legacy that reflects their life work and passion through the GPS Legacy Planning Program.

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