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MISSION U is Lutheran Hour Ministries’ new witnessing-training program designed to provide lay people with the tools and training needed to confidently accept their mission of sharing Jesus Christ with unique people in diverse settings.

THE 72

My name is Sherrilee Wallerman, I have been appointed the North Wisconsin District Field Representative for The LCMS Outreach Program “The 72”.  If you need or would like information about this outreach program please feel free to contact me at the following location(s).  If you would like to read and learn more about “The 72” or for additional contact information, please check out the article below: 

Thank you for your interest.  I would love to hear from you and work with you on implementing this outreach program in your congregation.

Who are The 72?
The 72 was born of a pioneering effort 1996, the ministry (formerly known as Harvesters for Christ) has served more than 100 congregations in diverse cultures in almost all the districts of the LCMS across the United States.

Congregations partner with a The 72 ministry team to accomplish specific evangelism goals that the congregation has identified. The 72 team members are trained evangelism volunteers available to congregations to serve on location to assist them to either begin, revitalize, or expand their outreach ministry to help them to reach the lost--a mission we share with Jesus, who came to seek and save people who are lost (Luke 19:10).

Teams are available to come to your congregation for a three to four week period an intense immersion into outreach possibilities for your congregation

Some of the workshops can include:

  • Assimilation
  • Canvassing Event
  • Dialog Evangelism
  • Family, Youth, and Children’s Ministries
  • Greeter-Usher Training
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Inactives
  • Intentional Outreach
  • Prospect Follow-up
  • Publicizing Your Congregation
  • Relationship-Based Witness Workshop
  1. Adult
  2. Youth
  • Small Groups
  • Telecare
  • Bible Studies

For more information:
Contact the North Wisconsin District Field Representative
Sherrilee Wallerman swallerman@charter.net OR
Go To the LCMS Website: http://www.lcms.org/page.aspx?pid=627

Outreach Ministry