June 5 & 6, 2022

Election Results

District President: Rev. Dr. Dwayne Lueck

1st Vice President: Rev. Timothy Shoup
2nd Vice President: Rev. Ryan Fehrmann
3rd Vice President: Rev. Preston Paul

District Secretary: Rev. Donald Engebretson

Board of Directors:

     Rev. Aaron Gehrke

     Brian Betts

     Dr. Jeffrey Nielsen

     Bryon Graff

     Chrystal Lindeman

     David Mellem

     David Post

     Craig Timm

     Althea Wirtala

Other elected positions will be listed in the NWD Convention Minutes

Resolution Results

​RESOLUTION 22-02 (Ov. 22-01) To Recognize and Thank the LCMS for the Strengthened and Expanded Soldiers of the Cross COVID-19 Response Initiative.  PASSED 200-2

RESOLUTION 22-04 (Ov. 22-03) To Expand Support for the North Wisconsin District Labor of Love. PASSED 184-14

RESOLUTION 22-06 (Ov. 22-05) To Initiate a Student Debt Assistance Program for LCMS Commissioned Minister-Teacher. PASSED 183-17

RESOLUTION 22-10 (Ov. 22-11) To Change Circuits in the North Wisconsin District. PASSED 183-16

RESOLUTION 22-08A (Ov. 22-07) To Strengthen the Advisory Participation of Commissioned Workers at (District) Conventions. FAILED 92-110

SUBSTITUTE RESOLUTION 22-12 (Ov. 22-15) To Call Upon the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, possibly through LCMS Life Ministry, to Offer Clearer Information for Couples Using the Pill for Birth Control as to When and How Often the Pill Acts as an Abortifacient. PASSED 101-95

SAVE THE DATE - June 1 & 2, 2025

​Central Wisconsin Convention + Expo Center

​10101 Market Street, ​Rothschild, WI

NWD Convention